The QUADRO anchoring to secure your QUADRO models.


The anchoring consists of tubes and connectors. They are attached to the model underneath to the corners and should be tightly stuck in the ground, at least 40 cm.


Item Number: 10330 


EAN 4260187752567

1 399,30 ₽

  • 2 kg
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Securing clamp

With the QUADRO securing clamps you can anchor your model as well inside as outside on hard surfaces or on walls.


The clamps come together with the dowels and screws.


Item Number: 10340


EAN 4260187752567

699,30 ₽

  • 0,23 kg
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Alu Profile (75 cm)

The QUADRO Aluminium Profile is an additional stabilization of larger models.


Item Number: 40276


EAN 4260187750853

735,00 ₽

  • 0,33 kg
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Alu Profile Connector

The profile connector made of stainless steel is used for connecting two aluminium profiles.


Item Number: 40274


EAN 4260187752482

595,00 ₽

  • 0,23 kg
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Tube Cap

With the QUADRO Tube Cup you can close open tube ends, for example table legs.


Item Number: 00935


EAN 426018775259

139,30 ₽

  • 0,02 kg
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Cable Straps (24 pcs.)

24 cable straps for the fixing of QUADRO nets with the tube construction.


Item Number: 00666


EAN 4260187752536

139,30 ₽

  • 0,05 kg
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Multimedia CD Rom

With QUADRO Computer program you can create, rebuild and expand your own models. You do not need any privious knowledge. The software is easy to handle and you can easily add tubes, panels and various special parts just by mouse click.


Use the Explosion-Function to have a detailed overview of your QUADRO model


You can import, export, save or just view the part list of your model, to learn which items you need.


You can also download the full version free of charge by the following link!


You will find all in our model manuals shown models as a qdf file on www.quadroworld.com.


Item Number: 90610


EAN 4260187752543

699,30 ₽

  • 2 kg
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